Why You Need An App

  • More than one in four adults in the UK now owns a smart phone

  • This time next year that figure will be more than 50%

  • Google reports that over one third of all searches for local businesses already take place on a mobile phone.

Can you afford not to be part of the mobile revolution?

Think about it. Look around you. How many people do you know that don’t have a mobile phone with them all day every day?

Unless you live in a back to nature commune in the middle of nowhere it’s hardly any! And it’s just the same with your customers….

Today’s mobile technology enables you to engage with your prospects and customers like never before and deliver your message to them exactly when they want it and are at their most receptive.

Developing your own mobile phone application puts you right infront of their eyes, on their favourite device, day in day out throughout the whole year.

What else can possibly give your business that that kind of exposure?

How you can take advantage of this massive opportunity right now

Here at IceWaveApps we use the very latest breakthrough technology to create beautifully designed yet highly affordable iphone apps for small, meduim and local businesses.

We can develop an app to help you:

  • Capture leads
  • Generate enquiries
  • Drive sales
  • Deliver offers and content
  • Provide interaction with competitions, quizzes and surveys
  • Build brand appreciation, awareness and loyalty
  • Create great PR and marketing buzz for your company

But that’s only half the story…

Your app won’t be a success unless it’s promoted properly. We can help you successfully market it to your clients and prospects to get the absolute maximum benefit from your investment.

This includes ongoing tracking of your apps performance and developing new features and innovations to keep it fresh and interesting for your users.

Don’t get left behind – a cautionary tale

10 years ago many companies around the globe stuck their heads in the sand when the company website came along. A lot went out of business because of it.

Those that didn’t we’re forced to change their minds and charge hard to try and catch up with their early adopter competitors who were by now streaking ahead into the distance.

Now the mobile revolution is here.

Let us help you make sure you don’t miss out on this remarkable opportunity to join in and jump ahead of your competitors .

What to do now

For a free no obligation chat about your ideas and how they can be developed please call us on 01977 232 232 or email us using the contact form.

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What’s Involved

Once you’ve decided to have your iPhone application created, exactly how is it done?

There are really five steps to making your app.

Step 1 – Coming up with idea and defining what you want your app to do.

The most critical step is defining what you want your app to do.

We can help you by advising what is technically possible, what would give you the best marketing results and what would be cost effective for your situation.

Step 2 – Confirming the project

Once your app idea has been fully described and its features listed, we will produce a fully costed proposal document.

This will include a specification that details exactly what we will produce for you, what the investment will be and the likely timescales involved.

It will also detail any parts of the process that you may need to contribute. For example if you want to use your company branded graphics or database information etc.

Step 3 – Development

Once you’ve confirmed your order we’ll begin developing your app.

At various stages during the process we’ll come back to you to confirm that you are happy with the graphic styles and the functionality of the app etc. as it progresses.

Step 4 – Testing

This is where it starts getting exciting!

Once the app is complete we will ‘desk test’ it on our computers and on our test iPhones.
Once this is working to our satisfaction we’ll install a special version of the app on to your own phone without using the apps store.

This will allow you to test the final version of the app yourself and to sign it off for submission when you’re completely happy with it

Step 5 – Submission

Next comes the best bit where we submit your app to the app store for approval.

This involves sending the store your app and company details and then submitting the actual app itself for them to evaluate.

This should take between one and three weeks at most, though it seems longer when you can’t wait to tell the whole world about your shiny new app!

Important Note

There is one vitally important step that almost no one mentions that needs to be taken before the App is submitted to the apps store.

Apple likes to make sure you are a genuine organisation that will support its customers before they will let you put your app in the apps store.

To prove this they like you to set up a professional website/web page for your app.
This can be a single web page though a mini website is better.

 Whichever you choose at minimum should provide a description of the app & what it does, support contact details and a history of the updates that have been issued.

As part of our service to you we create everything that needs to go on this page so that your webmaster can add it to your website.

Alternatively you can simply have a dedicated site/page on our website which would be at www.YourAppName.icewaveapps.com

Next comes promotion which we cover in the ‘Why Choose IceWaveApps’ section below.

Why Choose IceWaveApps

There a many companies that can make you an iPhone app. Unfortunately that’s only half the job done.

Once you’ve created your app it’s vitally important to promote it to get the maximum value form it with both your new and existing customers.

This is where IceWaveApps really is different to other app. development companies.

Here’s why.

Instead of being a software development company that makes apps, we are a direct marketing company that has apps. division.

We have many years experience of generating more business for our clients through the creation and implementation of direct marketing systems.

This means we can ensure you get  every last little bit of marketing juice squeezed out of your app to help you get the maximum benefit from your investment.

In short not only will we make a brilliant app for you, but that app will generate the maximum leads, enquires, sales and profits for your company.

To get started please call us today on 01977 232 232 or fill in the contact form below.

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Our Apps

Wedding Partners – Wedding Planner

This app was completed from conception to acceptance in the App store in just two months. Developed for brides in the UK to help them plan their weddings and find suppliers for 16 categories of products and services. The app also features special offers from suppliers and details of wedding fairs.


QJump – Online Nightclub Ticket Sales

Description Here


QScanner – Venue Ticket Scanner

Description Here


How Much Will It Cost?

How Do You Develop My App Idea?

How Do I Submit My App To The App Store?


IceWaveApps is a part of the Ice Wave Ltd group of brands.

Although we have not been involved in iPhone app developement for as long as some of our competitors we do have extensive experience in designing, creating, publishing and marketing a variety of other software applications.

This also means we’ve been able to invest in the very latest up to date technology to be able to make creating your app quick, easy and affordable. And because we use our own inhouse design team for the graphics and programming we have complete control of the process and results.

So you’ll be assured of five star results that will thrill and engage your customers everytime.


If you’d like to know more about how an iPhone application could help your business please feel free to contact us for a no obligation chat.

If you already have an idea for your app and you’d like to know how much you would need to invest to have it made and published please include a brief description of your requirements along with your contact details in the contact form below.

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