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How Do You Develop My App Idea?

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How do you develop my app idea?

Stage 1 – The idea and proposal
The first part of app development is taking your ideas and turning them into a specification for the app to be created.

This involves talking through what features you want your app to have, what you want it to do, how you want your users to interact with it and any graphics, data or other resources you want to use in it.

When everything’s agreed we’ll send you a firm, fully costed proposal which will detail exactly what we will do for you. Assuming your happy and want to go ahead we then move on to the development stage where we actually begin making your app.

Stage 2 – Development
At various stages during the creation process we will consult you to make sure you are happy with things like the graphic styles and functionality.

Stage 3 – Testing
When the app is complete we move into the testing phase. Initial testing will be done by us both on our commuters and on a mobile.

Once we’re happy that it’s ready to go we’ll install a special version of the app directly onto your own phone so that you can test it yourself and make sure you’re entirely happy with it.

Stage 4 – Submission
Next comes the exciting bit where we submit it to the app store for approval. This involves setting giving the store the app and your details and sending in the actual app itself for them to evaluate.

This should take between one and three weeks at most, though it seems longer when you can’t wait to tell the whole world about your shiny new app!

There is one vitally important step that almost no one mentions that needs to be taken before the App is submitted to the apps store.

Apple like to make sure you are a genuine organisation that will support its customers and to prove this they like you to set up a website/web page for your app.

This can be a single page, but at minimum should provide a description of the app & what it does, support contact details and a history of the updates that have been issued.

We create everything that needs to go on this page so that your webmaster can add to your website or you can simply have a dedicated site/page on our website which would be at

Stage 5 – lift off!
As soon as Apple is happy, that’s it. Your app will be available for your clients and prospects to use once they’ve downloaded it from the app store.

If it’s a paid app Apple handles all the transactions and pays you the remaining revenue on a regular basis.

If you have any questions or aren’t sure about anything please don’t hesitate to call us on 01977 232 232

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